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V-Align has domain expertise covering multiple Industry verticals and has been helping customers to collaborate process, people and technology to generate measurable business results.

Trading and distribution Profile

As a trading and distribution organization your customers rely on speed to fulfill a product requirement. They decide based on their experience you provide them during their buying journey. They expect rapid response to enquiries, timely follow ups, clarity of product specifications and value for money.
Principal Vendor relationships are critical for Trading & distribution organizations. Ensuring consistent revenue improvement across all product lines for each principal or vendor becomes very critical.


The trading and distribution companies are challenged by many factors:

  • Managing diverse product lines and principal relationships to achieve consistent revenue growth is always challenging.
  • Managing channel partner’s loyalty and retaining and growing business is very challenging.
  • Utilization of sales team and engaging them fully by improving productivity in quotations, sales order processing, Billing and receivable management.

Our Solutions

We provide easy to implement solutions for your sales, support and marketing team to manage the customer journey across various stages. Our software tools provide great clarity for decision making and action.


Trading & distribution firms can accomplish results in the following areas:

  • Increase revenue through deeper engagement with Customers & Channels
  • Reduce time for order processing by reducing waste in the sales and delivery process
  • Improve productivity and performance of the sales teams.
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